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Under the Snow, Politics Flourishes

The original caption to this photograph taken near Cooper Lake, Wyoming, reads, “Six Passenger Trains Snowed in on the Laramie Plains. Union Pacific Railway, Winter of 1869-70.” Passengers were snowed in for weeks. Grenville Dodge, the engineer who surveyed and … Continue reading

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Rochester 1904 / French Teenager Takes in Top Tourist Attractions

Some historical details are simply unexpected encounters, unusual convergences, or just the fact that records of a story survive. Fifteen-year-old Hélène Stanton hopped off the 9 p.m. train in Rochester, New York, on 7 November 1904, while visiting the U.S. … Continue reading

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From Leavenworth, Lincoln’s Assassination

When the subject is Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, attention is usually focused on Washington, D.C.  Perhaps you remember that the assassin John Wilkes Booth leapt from the president’s box in Ford’s Theater to the stage after committing murder on a Friday … Continue reading

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